Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...2009, promisse... better! better!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

John Zerzan

...dois filmes com John Zerzan!
pra quem ainda não viu... o SURPLUS (aqui legendado)

e... o Dead Society (original)
"Thomas Toivonen's Dead Society cuts straight to the heart of the situation we’re in right now. The conclusion? We're fucked! The mass technological culture is killing the planet and if we are to survive, we have to take a look at the roots of the problem. But also avoid false solutions like alternative or “green” technology. The movie centers around an interview with John Zerzan, anarcho-primitivist philosopher and author who give his view on the problem with civilization and what can be done about it. According to him it’s the reality and not ideas that will give way for a paradigm shift. That is, if people are provided with an alternative... In total the film in its 55 minutes is a very welcomed addition to the not so large collection of green anarchist films. I think as many people as possible should see it, especially those who are hypnotized by living in the mad machinery of civilization. It's a slap in the face, an eye opener, a shock; but also inspiring."

so... wake the fuck up! cause we're (already) out of time...

Monday, December 08, 2008


O Mundo não se fez para pensarmos nele
(Pensar é estar doente dos olhos)
Mas para olharmos para ele e estarmos de acordo...

Eu não tenho filosofia: tenho sentidos...
Se falo na Natureza não é porque saiba o que ela é,
Mas porque a amo, e amo-a por isso,
Porque quem ama nunca sabe o que ama
Nem sabe por que ama, nem o que é amar ...
Amar é a eterna inocência,
E a única inocência não pensar...

És melhor do que tu.
Não digas nada: sê!
Graça do corpo nu
Que invisível se vê.

Porque o que importa
é que já nada importe . . .

Nada nos vale
Que se debruce sobre nós a Sorte,
Ou, tênue e longe, cale
Seus gestos . . . Tudo é o mesmo . . .
Eis o momento . . .

Sejamo-lo . . . Pra quê o pensamento? . . .

Sunday, December 07, 2008

complicated simplicity

wish he was me, ...she was you.
and... as you are you, I am me...
honey, why coudn't we be us?

enquanto a ler pensamentos e, a tirar conclusões dessas leituras,
pense, sem ler, se pensamentos têm entrelinhas...
então, sinta, sem pensar, se sentimentos têm entretempos...

a tv matou a janela?
só se for na tela dela!

Friday, December 05, 2008

frank hoefer


i don't give a shit if they believe or not in the fake televised planes, cause, anyway they are doing a great job exposing so many lies, ...btw, even about the very existence of those terrorists pilots !

and about peace, this piece of the Ron Paul's campaign, published far before the ellections, with a glimpse of actual Obama's "change" ...change of targets ...change of puppets ..."change of six for half-dozen" ahahahaha

hmm... and so this video bellow makes much more sense

as it seems...

this is gonna be one false flag attack after another!!! so... we should better find a way to stop this madness... or they're going to take Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran... i think once they felt it was so easy in Afghanistan and Iraq (wich could be enough) that it seems as they've decided to take it all... maybe the entire middle east (hehehe omfg! laughable but not funny at all!), just blaming extremist muslims and that stupid al qaeda mith for every "well targeted" (i.e. american, british, jewish, whatsoever...) people, facilities, or nice symbols of "the good and free world"...

how to stop them?! ...i really don't know, and it'll be hard!!! but we MUST, at least, be aware and denounce every little slip they commit, their faillures on misleading our attention, and all the clues and evidence we can find! that's it!