Friday, March 27, 2009

sick of people...

who... psychologicaly captive of the system, using that fucking illusion veil they've bought and... in (an also) self inflicted blindness, keep lying hard to themselves, using to: think A, say B and act C ...thinking, pretending, playing or feeling as... independent, rebel, crazy, cool, special, better, smarter, different... only dumping out from their consciences all the shitness WE are causing to our world by being, at least, indiferent and/or silent to it, even if it's to keep some feeling of sanity or something like that but in fact as simple excuse to take part on their own illusion, not bothering themselves on thinking to much about what is quite clear and evident to everyone who wants to see, to understand, and if a good one, try to really grow a beautiful flower in the mud. to say the less! ...and no matter how this delusion came to their lives, nowadays deluded people just piss me off! as if they were so just because of their own mind lazyness, and this kind of lazyness is becoming, to me, not even possible to forgive. people would better actually be lazy to obey the masters, and get angry about this absolutely wrong system we live in. and make some good use of this beautiful anger! well... i know how thinking can be painfull, however, it should hurt a lot more when i feel that something is quite wrong and, just to keep in shape my own protection mask (the so called ego) well enough to go thoroughly unharmed throughout this life, to pretend everything is alright... come on, it's all wrong! ...but anyone can know that this system is designed to, somehow, work like this: for every time i use my debit/credit card to buy any stupid thing, at least a hundred childrem is dying by starvation and ameneable diseases. period! and it's simple like that! but we are mind manipulated, controlled and well encouraged to think that it's not our problem, we are not the saviours of our world, we can do nothing to change it ...and, in the end, i'm just one person and i can't go against the system, it's not my business and, no matter how bad it seems, the system is working as it is, and people have their own destiny, it's in the good hands of god, that's the way it is! those are the facts of life, c'est la vie!

p.s. well, ...despite my childrem swimming pretty happy in their pool, and all the happiness that my loved ones and i can have and achieve by our own means, human beings we're all already fucked! and there are no heroes coming up to save us, and neither will any mercifull god show up to save the poor deluded souls on earth, and even exactly those who are pissing me off! so... it must be the duty of any good human being, barely or well aware of those facts, to wake any other good one up, at least wake them up, to step out of the box, think about and get aware of what actually MUST BE CHANGED, ...even if (at first) it can brings us to any chaotic situation... but then we will see what we can do! and i'm pretty sure it will be better to everyone, ...and to this beautiful planet we live on as well!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

something about freedom

...spend 2 hours and 6 minutes of your life watching to this
...and waste the rest of it doing whatever you think you must!

Maxwell, Zerzan, Menard, Tsarion much do we owe to them?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

MONSANTO (do pau oco)

MONSANTO... those criminals MUST BE STOPPED!

Deborah Koons Garcia's The Future of Food
by Lily Films

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