Saturday, November 29, 2008

the media and the Venezuelan elections

btw... to print the vote is a good solution for the voting machines!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


food, chemicals, trade, business, money, death, profit...

and, don't let you be distracted... by misleading tecniques!

this are two "MUST SEE" video (documentery) series

obs.: only 5 parts (of 9) from "the big picture FINAL" has been released!
here i'm publishing the part 5 of it and part 1 of Dr. Rima Laibow lecture

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

bilderberg group

OR... just some black cars gathering around

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

zeitgeist - addendum

...for some clear understanding about the real problem WE have

p.s.: so, am i supposed to believe Barack Hussein Obama II represents any real change to "their" established slave system? should i believe he is not desired to be the US president (and, of course, put there) by this banksters? come on! ...hum, let's hope i'm wrong!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

living colours


You know in this
Sin sick world we live in
Gotta have something
To help you through the day
In this world full of frustration
Lack of hope, despair
Theres something in this world
To help your day
No, Im not talking about drugs, baby
No, Im not talking about alcohol
What Im talkin about love and happiness
( / m.hodges)

oh gosh! we're...

fucked up anyway...

but once upon a time... we had this warning ...

he had the guts to say this but... we've seen the result!
...and "they" were already the same people who's behind
both the candidates we have today... oh fuck!!!

note: a few time ago i had the feeling that i could better trust ron paul, but...

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wow! and 15 months after...


sallessetubals itaúnicos ...que beleza! (a)crescimento!

Brazilian banks Itau and Unibanco announced Monday they will merge to create South America's largest private-sector banking group, forging a continental powerhouse the banks hope will become a global player.

Banco Itau SA and Unibanco Holdings SA did not disclose the value of the stock swap deal, but said the new bank would be called Itau Unibanco Holdings SA and would have combined assets of 575.1 billion reals ($261.4 billion).

The deal must still be approved by Brazil's central bank and it was not clear when that would happen, but government officials praised the merger in comments that indicated the deal would have little trouble meeting regulatory approval.

Roberto Setubal, Itau's chief executive, said the new bank would strive to be a "global player" within five years and said the financial crisis doesn't worry him.

"The moment is unique. Changes are occurring around the world ... but we're optimistic," Setubal told reporters. "We would not have undergone a transaction of this size if we were afraid."

from the I.H.T. (source: reuters)