Monday, November 23, 2009

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Friday, November 20, 2009



many feelings for the same event


algumas marcas são indeléveis

Friday, November 13, 2009



resistência eletrônica: ...4 anos hoje, virtualmente aprendendo a falar, andar, chorar, nutrir, gargalhar, trocar, perder, ganhar, amar, fazer, crescer, contar, viver, ouvir, ser, multiplicar, somar, informar, linkar, esperar, correr, plantar, sorrir, duvidar, gritar, corresponder, cantar, mostrar, esconder, informar, plantar, colher, resistir, traduzir, narrar, completar, ...e tantos outros verbos que não cabe enumerar ...tudo certo, vamoaê!

p.s. ...tanta coisa!

Monday, November 09, 2009

now, it's just about to come!

our personal dramas seems quite nearer but... come on people...

...and i don't exactly know what to do by knowing this!

some good links: NHF, ANH

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don't even know what to think...


...of couse not! is it sad? yes it is! who's right, who's wrong? does it matter? i don't think so! ...i can only have all those memories... even that last incredibly happy last bathtime we had there!!! so much fun! to promote that very emotional moment to a friend, as he said, by watching (for the first time in his life) 'the great gig in the sky' being played alive on the piano! ...and that other moment alone, when everyone was quietly sleeping, by the moonlight... when i was looking at all those wooden stuff... and i felt it was the last time... i could recognize how certain that feeling was... and i felt the very same looking at that word LOVE secretly written on the wall... and all love moments lived there... oh lord! so fucking good they were!!! ...and they (the moments) are so many... that i could spend ages just joyfully remembering them...

well... do i deserve what's happening now? yes, of course i do! since i decided not to follow the society rules... not to wish or want what the society wants me to want or wish... since i don't want to get more rich and/or more famous... since i never wanted to get "my rights", inheritances, goods, assets, ...since i don't want to sell my soul, sell my-self, sell my works, ...since i've decided to give what i do, instead of selling it! ...and that's it, i could only be labeled as crazy or so ...since i've tried to solve this "problem" personally and tete à tete instead of lawfully... when i tried to pay "my debt" only with the right ammount of money and quite a nice dose of good human sense, instead of documents, lawyers, fines, interests rates and taxes, etc, etc, etc... all that burglary stuff (!) ...oh shit, how poor these people are!!!

well... my dear sons... this unfair society will take that piano from you... from us... but they can only take what we "have"... but not what we "are"!!! ...lots of good art works and fine art tools and materials will be lost! what a pitty! whatever... anyway, all those things where never meant to be "mine", ...once i allways thought them as public, as those things actually always were, so, they ("the public") are losing it! ...and we? we are the artists, we can make whatever we want... anytime! they just follow the rules! ...and they've lost all the fun! let's keep our souls light and clear... ready to have any the fun we feel we deserve... and do and make whatever we want, anytime, anywhere!!!