Friday, December 05, 2008

as it seems...

this is gonna be one false flag attack after another!!! so... we should better find a way to stop this madness... or they're going to take Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran... i think once they felt it was so easy in Afghanistan and Iraq (wich could be enough) that it seems as they've decided to take it all... maybe the entire middle east (hehehe omfg! laughable but not funny at all!), just blaming extremist muslims and that stupid al qaeda mith for every "well targeted" (i.e. american, british, jewish, whatsoever...) people, facilities, or nice symbols of "the good and free world"...

how to stop them?! ...i really don't know, and it'll be hard!!! but we MUST, at least, be aware and denounce every little slip they commit, their faillures on misleading our attention, and all the clues and evidence we can find! that's it!


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