Thursday, July 05, 2007


free the mind, free the mind...

wow dude, i was always interested on coincidences, (well) ...and also about uh... fate, nature math paths, fractals, phi, randomic facts, destiny, luck, fortune, chance, ...whatever the name we can give... anyway, those things "out of our control" that happen all the time and we just feel to be a kind of passenger or expectator... i even use to say that "a coincidence is a randomic chance fact pretending to be destiny"... but, hahahaha... what was that? exactly the same words used! was just like destiny ahahahaha ...just as if someone was really pulling and pushing the same strings up and down ...gosh!!! ...however i do believe in the budhist principle of cause and efect... and, by the way, ...i believe in good causes as well...


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