Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the difference...


yep, yep, ...i do really feel as i'm a woman, at least my mind works exactly onto this complex path! why? i don't know, i think it kinda wasn't a choice but... well, to take a simple yes or not decision is a matter of a brainstorming hurricane for me! ahahaha, early in the morning, i woke up with a link to to this image on the screen and beyond the simple gag or joke it would mean, it showed me, in this clear way, the difference i feel that i have to the average man's mind.


At 31 May, 2007 21:38 , Anonymous Rodrigo said...

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At 01 June, 2007 00:15 , Blogger marcos freitas said...

yet about the decision: it will not take any longer than the on/off minded ones would... it's just the inside path that runs faster, harder, crazier and etc, etc, etc... in an oddly more complex way!!! wow dude


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