Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Ben Stewart's KYMATICA ...uh, something about Human and Universal Conciousness, something about the close relationship between vibration and matter, something about conecting ancient and hidden myths and history, something about sacred geometrical patterns, SOMETHING WORTH TO SEE, TO FEEL AND TO THINK!!!

...be welcome...


At 28 May, 2009 12:00 , Blogger Rafé said...

the greatest and only threat to ourselves, is a loss of self, the death of our divinity


At 30 May, 2009 07:33 , Blogger Rafé said...

I just finished it.
Brilliant, thank you very much, i'll never forget it

At 17 August, 2009 17:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really like your blog.

but that film is a load of bogus.

try better ;-)


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