Friday, February 13, 2009

911 (beabá) 9/11 (oncemore)


For anyone who has (even superficially) done any research on september the 11th of 2001 events, it becomes pretty clear that the official story is a lie!
Whatever the viewpoint you choose to look at it ...the official version* is bullshit over bullshit! It's simply the most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever created, that... about 19 arabic terrorists simultaneously hijacking 4 airplanes with box-cutters and plastic knives, then perfectly controlling the planes with no ground help, despite the unbelieveable difficult and complex manouvers they had to make, and then they manage to deceive the most powerfull air defence on this planet, taking the orders from a guy (who happens to be Bin Laden) inside a(n Al Qaeda facility in a) cave in Afghanistan... hitting 75% of their targets... BULLSHIT! ...this video is enough to understand how the TV fakery has worked that day... with all five major networks kinda central-controled to show the fake plane disappearing behind the north tower on every live picture aired live ...except on the (unfortunate for them) 'nose-out' shot on FOX-WNYW.


Simon's studies points out many of their (perpetrators) mistakes while producing, doctoring, editing, faking up, every live shot and all the so-called "amateur" footages of the second hit (and, of course, he also analyses the Naudet brother's shots of both hits). Despite many "problems" we could point about this research, it was the very first deep view on the media involvement on the 911 plot. As i've said before, the very existence of those planes is not what really matter if we are trying to figure out who is behind it all, there are many other leads to follow (the money involved, the demolition sequence, the oil profit, the subsequent war, the NWO, the patriot act, the police state, etc, etc, etc...) there are many other good studies among "plane-huggers" and "no-planers" ...anyway, the Simon's SEPTEMBER CLUES are pretty hot as a lead to follow.

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