Thursday, February 19, 2009


THE EARTH HERSELF WAS BORN FREE FROM OUR PRESENCE. (PERIOD!) ...and for millions of years she lived very well and peacefully we're trying hard to fuck her up! (*)

[well, ...if you wanna know the liars version, you can get it: here, here or/ou aqui ]

One must understand the crucial difference between a common law, like: "what's not forbidden is permitted"; and a imperialistic law, like: "what's not permitted is forbidden". ...WHAT BELONGS TO NO ONE, BELONGS TO EVERYONE. This planet (we could call her our mother) and her body as a whole (minerals, animals and vegetables) isn't subject to be owned! So do people, and people's health as well. What those criminals are about to do (and already doing) is simply unaceptable!

Former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Hellyer in his book, “The Evil Empire,” states: “Codex Alimentarius is supported by international banks and multinational corporations including some in Canada, and is in reality a bill of rights for these banks and the corporations they control.”

The Codex Alimentarius Commission, (Codex Alimentarius is Latin for "Food Code" ) based in Rome, Italy, and created in 1963, is an international organization jointly run by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations. They are as corrupt as FDA... except that it's on a global scale!

They're absolutely the same people who controls: the money, the media, the industries, the laws, the whatsoever fucking else etcetera they want to control, ...our lives included! ...well, these people have no limits at all and they see the world as a giant chessboard, and anytime they see something moving anyhow out of their control, they want it to get in line. And as they see everything as pieces on their board they watch to it all from a very very high P.O.V. and as any good chess player they can antecipate movements, they can forsee reactions... (somehow the same way they manipulated all minds on earth to believe the 911 hoax) and most of all, they can, through the media, set up our minds to believe they are doing what they do ...for our best! yeah! They are (t)here to protect us! ...however, for now, think about it...

What could be better for the PHARMA industries? A healthy population, consuming healthy and natural good food? A population whose the food resources and suplies could come from our neighbour who produces a quite good homemade cheese? ...people buying some fruits that comes from a nearby orchard?

With “Codex”, any food supplement in a dose that has a measurable effect on the human body (including raising tissue levels significantly) is deemed a pharmacological substance regulated by law. Something like turn an orange small producer as illegal as a drug dealer, just because orange has that "dangerous" vitamin!!!! This codex is simply changing some definitions for many things and substances only to get control on everything once called natural... nutrients and vitamins, for instance, are now being called toxins ...once they can impose laws and statutes on toxins production, transport and commerce.

By the way, that's what this is all about... commerce, business, trade... and of course their sacred PROFIT! Not to mention their secondary goals, for their beautiful domination plans, such as programed depopulation, massive starvations, some controlled illness state, and epidemic diseases, profitable scarcety, chemical stupidification and subservience! last, something like an overall power! ...well folks, Codex Alimentarius will go into global implementation by December 31, 2009, unless We, the People, avert it! ...hummm, keep your seat to not fall down: some alarming data from the Dr. Rima talk:

" the WHO 'n' FAO projection, the epidemiological projections... they estimate (NOT I... they estimate, they are the experts!) that just the vitamin and mineral guideline alone, when it goes into global implementation on Dec. 31st, 2009, will result in a minimum of three Billion (with B!...bad, ...big! ) 3 BILLION DEATHS, one Billion through simple starvation, those people who'll die are not particularly economicaly successful from the point of view of the corporations... but the next 2 BILLION... they will die from the preventable diseases of under-nutrition... (!!!) who will live? Probably those people who are wealthy enough and powerful enough to have their own purchers of clean food and nutrients... that's who will live! you and I ? probably not. our childrem? probably not. our grandchildrem? probably not..."

Once natural products will then become illegal... certain things will be imposed like, uh... just take a seat to hear this... "all food will be irradiated"; "every animal must, MUST, be treated with anti-biotics and growth hormones!"...obviously produced by Monsanto! (more "official" info about: here and/e aqui ...onde rola uma propaganda pró-transgênico estilo globo rural... de vomitar! "ô roça bunita!" hehehe)

If you think you’ll get your nutrients from healthy food like fruit, nuts and veggies, think again. Soils are depleted depleted worldwide and fertilizers lack trace elements and organic compounds essential to maintain health.

Big Pharma makes their fortune selling outrageously overpriced symptom-relievers that mask the cause of the problem and often excacerbate it. The more symptoms, the more to relieve. Big Pharma doesn’t like healthy folk. Big Pharma’s own research shows that many modern illnesses never develop, or develop later, or develop more benignly, or are even cured, with proper help of essential nutrients that are lacking in industry-farmed food.

The entire world will have to start complying to Codex Alimentarius now, as it came into effect in 2009, because the WHO threatens severe trade sanctions against any country that dissents. Countries have been bullied by the WHO to sign the treaty - the WHO has nothing to do with health, the WHO is a Big Pharma front, a global pressure group with the clout to coerce nations into submission.

Well, i would love to say that this another WHO is about to control our food sources but... the who wich is coming to our table has pretty less fun and will cause much more damage! oh fuck!

p.s. i'm in a hurry right now, later i'll review and correct this text and give you some other good links, from where i've stolen some texts and definitions.

ok, some info sources: Max Igan; Sarah Vaughter; General Stubblebine and Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

(*) i don't know why but it all reminds me this verse from a Pink Floyd's song

"Her love rains down on me easy as the breeze
I listen to the breathing it sounds like the waves on the sea
I was thinking all about her, burning with rage and desire
We were spinning into darkness; and the earth was on fire

She could take it back, she might take it back some day"

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