Monday, December 17, 2007

yet on 911 and so on...

to get deeper

'no planes' vs 'truth movements'

...once you dare to unveil something that was hidden behind it, or when you step inside some kind of room that you were not allowed to enter, and you see things that you couldn't see before, and then you find that all the road you've been walking to get here is full of bullshit and lies of all sort, coming from all sides, ...and you get aware about some plots, treasons, scams, cover-ups, conspiracies, lies, brainwashings, misdirections, etc, etc, etc... then suddenly, it gets hard to believe in anything you hear, and you become to distrust any sort of information, ...but then you must stop, start to think for yourself, and try to believe in what you think... to escape from the paranoid option (we can think that even this can be pushed on purpose to your mind, plus the fear you've been put in all this time), ...anyway, i was confused already through this kind of thinking when i first heard about the 'no planes' theorists... and my first thought was: "it's surely an infiltration to weak down the truth movements" ...and i did not give a shit to it at that time, but fortunately they've been insisting on their theories and then, youtube became full of this stuff, ...i must confess i first watched some of them with a charge of preconception in my mind, always thinking "they are part of the plot" (and, in fact, the 'no planers' are dividing some 'truthers', both sides are even wasting much of their time fighting against each other, what is not good at all to anyone* but oly to the perpetrators themselves) ...but there was one thing they were saying that happens to match precisely to something i always thought about (specially that CNN image) of flight 175... planes are such a very delicate hollow structure with no crash rate, they can't crash and "survive", they can't pierce a building as we saw on television, and besides, a steel/concrete building DO NOT eat planes, aluminum plane simply CANNOT penetrate this kind of building... well, the rest of this story i've told already at many posts here in this blog, the socialservice's "september clues" was the turning point, and the Genghis' "911 flatline" is another fucking nice work into the same direction... and i think that some sentences can better define my position: "i don't believe that any (jetliner) plane hit any building that day" ..."i'm sure that no plane has crashed to the ground in Shanksville" ..."it's quite obvious that no plane hit the pentagon" "there's no al-qaeda leading the atacks" ..."perhaps, there's no al-qaeda at all, ahahah" ..."the mainstream media is selling lies about it all" ..."i know they (the mainstream media) faked many images of the 2nd strike, and that they sold them to us as it was true" ...and then i have some questions to think about... if it (the planes hitting the buildings) was true, "why should they re-edit the original material aired those days?" and "why are the networks archives so different from the tapes recorded directly from the original transmissions?" and on another issues... "why did they erase all the reports and comments about building 7, and why the same happened to the material about bombs and explosions inside those buildings?" ...well, and i'm talking just about some images... and not about who is behind, the reasons, the plot itself, etc...

...what to fight for? what's the point?

i think this fight between no planers and truthers could stop at once, right now, if the egos and personal ambitions were set apart... cause, for instance, i don't care if Dylan Avery is deluded or not about the existence of planes hitting the buildings, and i don't care if he wants to be a Hollywood director in his near future ahahaha ...but i do care when he points through his "loose change" to some truth (or at least he shows us some sold lies) about what happened that day and the mainstream media simply do no show... i don't care if Genghis6199 is misleading us or not (and please man, i don't think you are, and you're are doing a nice job), neither if he's right or not about the very existence of real planes hitting the buildings, but i do care when he shows clearly that the media impudently lies to us! ...the same way i listen to anyone who have something that can be interesting to my own research to reach the truth, and that's why i listen to Nico Haupt, Jim Fetzer, Steven Jones, and many others ...without getting pissed off if they don't share my own opinion about those facts, and that's why i watched to the "Ring of Power" (that i recommend as a MUST SEE documentary) despite the fact that they (presumably) believe there were planes flying through those buildings, cause it's not the point, ...whatever, ...i know the media lies, i don't care if they showed us fake planes, it's exactly what i would expect from that liars ahahahah, and the very point is: ...WHO IS BEHIND IT ALL??? ...and then we come to what i want to say today: we must seek the truth, but it can come to us... maybe in small pieces, ...maybe from the less expected side, ...maybe from a lie, ...and well, today, watching to this documentary, i learned a little bit more about this "new" "holy trinity" ...not that christian trio, but this Vatican/London/Columbia unity... and about this new meaning and spelling for the word: god, GOD, G-d, whatever...


i'll post (asap) a nice "true holy trinity" icon that i've found today, and i'm pretty sure it represents something really near to the very truth, ...this awful reality we live nowadays... at least WE MUST DENOUNCE THEM, to show that we're not stupid as they believe we are!!! are we?


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