Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the spy who loved me

(a coincidence? a confession? a fiction spy story? or nothing much...)
...but then, after that overnitethrunextday 'crystalparties', she was lying beautiful on my bed, almost asleep, i was lookin at her and thinkin of you... i took a seat, ...a stool 'n' a guitar... i started playing 'n' singing: to her, but for you (deep in my mind and inside my heart... once more i wished YOU were here at that very time, that very moment): (and as i was praying) ...first, i played 'indifference'... then 'corcovado', then 'sometimes', then 'meu bem, meu mal', then 'present tense', then she was sleeping already she never heard the way i played 'blackbird' that night... just for you ...once again and as always...
...did you fuckin' hear??? was the monday dawn but still sunday for those still awake, ...or well aware ...or maybe, like an angel can (actually) see all, ...flying over my house...

radiohead-nobody does it better


At 15 February, 2007 08:36 , Anonymous Light Mac Stone said...

hey you, once you´re daydreaming in english, maybe showing up a different part of you, maybe you´ll recognize me here.

by the way, loved your post.
it almost made me hear a far away guitar...

At 15 February, 2007 12:01 , Blogger marcos freitas said...

WOW dude!!! ...and now this

heheheheh lovit anyway

At 15 February, 2007 12:54 , Blogger Mercedes Gameiro said...

Essa é a melhor versão ever desta música.
Aliás, todos os covers do Radiohead são maravilhosos. Tenta a versão deles de "wish you were here".


At 15 February, 2007 12:58 , Blogger Mercedes Gameiro said...

Só o Demien Rice sabe desafinar tão chique quanto o Tom York.

At 15 February, 2007 13:27 , Blogger marcos freitas said...

nunné? ...e sobre resgates de músicas originalmente "menas" que a versão cover superplusamais (a elis regina era "um demônio" nessa tarefa de transformação) ...a versão da nina simone para 'feelings' (que a alice publicou no blog) é o máximo!!!

oops! acabo de descobrir que "this video is no longer available." "this video has been removed by the FUCKIN' MOTHERFUCKER user"
oh shit, FUCK!!! it was awesome!!!


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