Friday, December 29, 2006

over killing?

ok then, you rule

you win, you rule, you know that, say what you want master, whatever you want, i'm yours... we all know this, and we knew it already, i'm yours, i'm yours, my life's in your hands, ...and i'm not even this fallen king dropped down, i'm much more the single pawn that has left ...standing all alone over the chessboard with no more power for fighting, begging for his poor life, pleading not to be back inside that box... saying: i'm yours, i'm yours, i'm yours, ...end this game, stop fighting over this match, you won, everything belongs to you already, the entire world is yours already, there's nothing left to conquer... what else are you gonna do? what else do you want me to say? to promisse something? ...i just wanna try to make you happy, to be at the same side of this fucking battlefield, please, you can change my colour, take me as your nineth pawn, let's fight together and not against... please... take me away from here, from this beautiful sad wasted battlefield with all those bleeding hearts all over the ground... oh fuck... i know there's no why, there's no meaning, there's no reason, ...but i do know i do fucking love you


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