Tuesday, October 17, 2006

predictable reaction

like a lightning bolt flash

alright, this was at "my today's fortune" today... "good time to finish up old tasks!" and as it seems you're asking for it, so... let's go! ...well, i did it not on purpose, but i knew exately what kind of reaction you should show, i have seen that before, and i thought it would happen today but, maybe you have forgotten what once (or twice or many times, whatever) i said about it, but, i'm sorry to say that once more, and it's the truth, ...i would never be (or even get) jeallows about anything... first because i'm a lucky guy on not having such a feeling, i really don't know how this feeling is (inside, i mean... cause) though i know and i can see this exists and happens all the time with many people, and that this is a kind of trouble making feeling, ...i just cannot feel it, but, lucky me! and second, because i trust in somenthing i'm feeling since... well i'm not going to say that again, ...let me just say: i trust my feelings! and more than that, i'm brave enough to take the risk again to say (even knowing that many friends of mine think i'm an idiot, dumb, blind, crazy, insane, etc...) that i trust our fellings! ...yes i do
excerpt from a letter i've found today under my bed when i was cleaning up this room


At 19 October, 2006 21:22 , Blogger Mercedes Gameiro said...

Hmmm....See people in danger!

At 20 October, 2006 08:16 , Anonymous yohrd zäyr said...

hmmm... i could see that too!


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