Monday, October 13, 2008

if you think...

that... everything is okay, or... there's nothing that bad, or... oh, come on... "they" wouldn't do this, or... ok, they've done it, but what can we do? or... i can't think about it cause i have my own life to care about! ok, ok, it's your damn right to think you're not part of it. but... BE AWARE! YOU'RE TAKING A VERY BAD ROLE IN IT!

ok, i'm kidding, let's go back to our lives, ...go home people, everything is in the right hands, if anything goes bad "someone" will handle this for us, nothing bad is gonna happen, they won't do things get worse, go to your home, go watch the incredible hulk or whatever, go watch your favorite tv show, keep your mind entertained, be well ...distracted, ...some popcorn is comming from your beautiful brand new microwaves oven, relax and just keep in shape enough to do some work to pay your credit card... let's forget about it, stay well, stay in the line, ...everything is just fine!!!

but if you really care about anything, this zeitgeist addendum is pretty better to be seen than that hulk stuff

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