Friday, September 26, 2008


woah... for about, at least, the last two years my closests friends had heard me (though some or most of them believing i was just kinda... crazy, nuts, paranoid, idiot, or ...whatever) talking to them about some of the next steps of the 9/11 perpetrators...

i remember very well their astonishment when i said they were probably going to push it further, passing "patriotic bills to fight the terror threat" errasing all citzens rights, increasing some "needs" to all the warfare stuff, with some contractors making more and more billions or trillions, and that they were going to sustain that absurd and stupid war hoax in the middle east, stealing their oil fields, building up that very well planned pipeline throughout the caspian sea ...and that they were going to nuke Iran (a few months or just some weeks or even days after being "nuked by fundamentalists Iranians" (or somehow... anything even worse than that 9/11 hoax nonsense) ...AND i do remember their faces when i said they were going to fuck down USA economy... and about this stuff in particular all my friends uses to ask me: what for? why should they do this?
well... now we're going to see! anyway, i do have my own guess... but... i think you should learn by yourself. ...i have just an advice: do your homework, get informed, dig the truth, search for good sources of information, be aware that it's not on the mainstream media! ...AND if you MIND... about anything to make this planet a better place (at least to our children or grandchildren) to live... i think that (not to say "just" we should) WE MUST LEARN about it all, THINK about it, TALK about it, and SPREAD it away... and SHARE all information we can!
and we must TAKE ACTION NOW!!! cause they're really doing very well their nice fucking job!


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