Sunday, May 27, 2007

pathetic pathos and the dead end


"there's no love without fear"

homeopathic info:
alopathic feelings.

this may sounds
strange for some

once upon a now...
we brought it into this
holy fucking dead end.
a hole path has left
of our pathetic sit.

the smoking gun of
this very time, has...
no images, no pics.
just the memories
of the gaze, the look,
the known feelings,
all those words said
and the huge hole to
be filled up with our know what!?


we know what we have
we know how long
we know how huge
and we know exactly
what it is, and what
we have got to do!!!

why don't? why?
just a lack of...
...the famous what?

let's laugh cause
don't wanna cry

enough said and...
nothing left to say

let's just do it, ok?


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