Thursday, August 12, 2010

o mundo gira, a roda gira, tudo gira...

...em torno do seu umbigo
mas sem nem considerar o fato.

and at last...
your character is your fate!


At 12 August, 2010 11:35 , Blogger Marcos Freitas said...

The concept greatly resembles the Bhavacakra, or Wheel of Becoming, depicted throughout Ancient Indian art and literature. In Ancient Rome, the Wheel of the goddess Fortuna has been mentioned at least as early as Cicero. Fortuna eventually became Christianized: the Roman philosopher Boethius (d. 524) was a major source for the medieval view of the Wheel, writing about it in his Consolatio Philosophiae.this is crap none of it is truese whom she strives to deceive, until she overwhelms them with grief beyond bearing, by deserting them when least expected … Are you trying to stay the force of her turning wheel? Ah! dull-witted mortal, if Fortune begin to stay still, she is no longer Fortune.

~ Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy (Text)


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