Monday, March 08, 2010

no planes on 9/11 (compilation)

some friends of mine are getting uh... if not really involved, at least more and more interested on this tv fakery and no planes on 911 issues and although they understand that the (corporate) media lies, they still can't believe that the things can go this deep. so...
this is not a 911 video for beginners at all... it's more likely an amazing compilation for advanced researchers only, kinda small encyclopedia on tv fakery ...and you'd better enjoy this fred's rough cut once you're aware or familiar to the works that came from genghis 6199, fred bsr, nico haupt, webfairy, simon shack, killtown, bill cooper, jordan maxwell, michael tsarion, kerry cassidy, bill ryan, morgan reynolds, judy wood, jeffrey hill, shure ...and many many other good researchers on this issue. anyway, though i could say a lot about some uncompreensible fights , and many kinds of disagreements that happens from time to time amongst some researcher, and all those stimulated controversed opinions, etc, etc, etc... i'm kinda running out of time on some works i'm in, so... i'll just post the video this way for now. anyway, thanks for visiting, and i'll be right back (asap).


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